WeightPack ensures smaller footprints with a higher degree of hygiene

WeightPack ensures smaller footprints with a higher degree of hygiene
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Ensuring a sterile environment becomes a matter of fundamental importance for products that require long shelf-life and for production conditions where bacterial growth can reach extreme levels, such as in the Dairy industry. One key to achieving a high degree of hygiene is to limit the machine volume to be processed and controlled.

A smaller cabin, with all feeding mechanisms placed outside the sterile area: two rooms separated by a maze of ducts filled with sterile water and peracetic acid solution. What is inside is totally washable, sanitizable, sterile.  The low-slung structure is combined with careful air control via a three-stage HEPA filter system.

Bottles and caps are chemically sanitized: after a fine mist of condensed hydrogen peroxide is injected at full concentration into the bottle, the bottle is turned upside down and receives the steam that activates the sterilizing solution. Containers made from materials such as HDPE, glass, PET or metal are acceptable thanks to their high resistance to heat shrinking within the exceedingly short activation cycle time.

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The sterilant activation and removal carousel uses electronic timing controls, allowing cycle fine tuning via the control panel. The WeightPack container sterilization system significantly reduces the microbial load on inner and outer container surfaces through the fast and wide spectrum action of activated hydrogen peroxide. The three-step sterilization process ensures a uniform surface deactivation in a fast cycle, while minimizing the chemical consumption. The sterilization cycle further guarantees full compliance with acceptable hydrogen peroxide residue limits.

The hygienic machine enclosures ensure a highly sanitized work environment for the bottle-filling process. The machine cabin is designed with cleanability and sterilization in mind, maintaining a sterile environment for extended periods of operating time. The ambient controls guarantee that the sanitized packaging materials and the sterile product are protected from recontamination due to contact with untreated fluids or to unchecked microbial growth inside the sterile zone.

A huge example of how WeightPack’s ESL machines accurately reflect the definition of sterile efficiency and hygiene.

For over 45 years WeightPack’s team has invested in perfecting the most accurate means possible for measuring out and delivering top quality liquids and powders into containers.  Measuring the precise quantity of product put inside the primary package—at the destination—means what you weigh is what you getWeightPack machinery can also be installed for the application of caps, lids, pump dispensers and trigger sprayers as well as containers such as HDPE, PET, glass, cans. The packaging solutions offered by WeightPack are suitable for most of all the product viscosities.

What really matters for WeightPack is to meet its customers’ needs at best. Tube type or tank style filler? Foam retarding or drip-proof nozzles? No need to worry, as WeightPack will find the perfect solution for your product.

For over 20 years, WeightPack has, in addition to their Italian home, operated offices in the US and in China, to serve customers with a well-stocked spare parts store, dedicated service technicians, reliability maintenance programs, and in-house fabrication for container and cap change parts, as well as emergency parts manufacturing.

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