Instant and Affordable Sugar Analysis

For Food and Beverage Samples
Instant and Affordable Sugar Analysis
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Total solid content is measured in various food and beverage products during harvesting, before various processing steps and for quality control of the final product. Brix, which represents a product’s dissolved sugar content, can easily be measured using a MyBrix pocket refractometer.

Determining the Brix value is important as soluble sugars influence product sweetness and storage shelf life. Recipe formulations may need to be adjusted based on the Brix values to ensure product quality and consistency. The MyBrix refractometer measures the sugar content precisely and reliably within just 2 seconds and perfectly suits the need for applications in the food and beverage industry.

Made for use in the lab and on-the-go and designed with a full Brix range (0.0 to 95.0 °Brix), the MyBrix refractometer works perfectly for measuring almost any food and beverage sample.

Sugar scales

The most used sugar scale is the Brix scale. °Brix is defined as % w/w (% weight/weight) of pure sucrose in water. The Brix value is calculated from the measured refractive index according to the International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSATM)1 table and compensated to the reference temperature of 20.00 °C.

The measured Brix of a sample is temperature dependent and if the temperature of a sample changes, the measured Brix will change accordingly to the temperature.

To avoid these temperature changes, the MyBrix measures the temperature during measurement and corrects the Brix value using the built-in automatic temperature compensation (ATC).

Using the °Brix (ATC) scale the result is fully automatically compensated to 20.00 °C and therefore the result in °Brix will not change due to a change in measured temperature. Thus, samples measured with the °Brix scale are not compensated, and the obtained result is at the measured temperature and might change due to the temperature dependency.

Mettler Toledo recommends using the °Brix (ATC) scale to avoid fluctuation of the results due to non-corrected temperature dependency. The °Brix (ATC) scale is preloaded in the MyBrix and ready to use.

Ideal for determining the optimal harvesting time of fruits and vegetables, performing incoming goods inspection, or process and quality control in juice, wine, soft drinks and food manufacturing.

Measurements within seconds

The MyBrix refractometer measures refractive index as well as sugar content instantly and precisely. Results are received within just 2 seconds in the desired scale.

Sugar determination anywhere

With its compact, robust and weatherproof design, measurements can be performed virtually anywhere – in the field, near the production line or in a quality control lab.

Brix and more

Results are automatically temperature compensated and converted into up to 3 of the 10 integrated sugar-related scales, including Brix, Oechsle, Baumé and many more.

Say farewell to your analog refractometer

Digital refractometers increase results reliability in comparison with analog refractometers, eliminating operator dependency and assisting with error detection.


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