Mondi lands a catch with Krissia surimi sticks and its switch to recyclable, paper-based packaging

Mondi lands a catch with Krissia surimi sticks and its switch to recyclable, paper-based packaging
Photo - Mondi
  • Mondi designs new paper-based secondary packaging for Krissia chilled surimi sticks

  • Packaging uses Mondi’s Functional Barrier Paper 95/5 and saves 20 tonnes of plastic each year

  • Solution provides product protection while ensuring the recyclability of the paper packaging

Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, has supported Angulas Aguinaga on its journey to switch to recyclable paper-based packaging for its Krissia brand chilled surimi sticks, greatly reducing the amount of plastic being used.

The surimi sticks were previously packed in a multi-material plastic solution. By collaborating closely with Mondi, Angulas Aguinaga and its Krissia brand is now transitioning to secondary packaging using Mondi’s Functional Barrier Paper.

Mondi’s wealth of expertise in paper packaging meant that it was able to create a solution that would be genuinely fit for purpose, protecting the chilled product while significantly reducing plastic – eliminating up to 20 tonnes of plastic every year.

Mondi’s Functional Barrier Paper is made from renewable and certified resources, responsibly sourced and delivers a range of benefits: Mondi's strong and tear-resistant kraft base paper is fully converted in-house to ensure customized barrier protection of the food and sealability of the packaging. The final packaging is recyclable in Spain’s existing paper recycling streams.

"By working closely with the Krissia team and looking into the entire journey of the product, we have been able to ensure the surimi sticks are packed in recyclable packaging that supports a circular economy, keeping valuable materials in the loop. We took the time to focus on the needs of the product first before optimizing our Functional Barrier Paper to provide a responsible, recyclable replacement to the previous plastic alternative, " Jordi Gorchs, regional manager - France & Southern Europe, Consumer Flexibles, Mondi

Mikel Grande, Angulas Aguinaga marketing and innovation manager say, “We are committed to creating innovative solutions in the food industry that solve real consumer needs. In this context, switching our product packaging to materials that come from renewable resources is a must: it is our responsibility to offer solutions to our consumers, whose preferences have shifted towards paper-based packaging. This new solution significantly replaces unnecessary plastic while assuring the quality of our Krissia surimi sticks. We are proud to be the first brand to commercialize this paper-based packaging for chilled fish.”

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