Brazil presents technology trends for the production and processing of animal protein in the USA

Brazilian businesses participate in the IPPE, the industry's biggest global exhibition
Brazil presents technology trends for the production and processing of animal protein in the USA
Photo - Nicolas Postiglioni

Ten Brazilian companies are participating in the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE), from January 24 to 26, in Atlanta, United States. The initiative is promoted by the Brazil Machinery Solutions (BMS) Program, a partnership between ApexBrasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) and ABIMAQ (Brazilian Machinery and Equipment Industry Association).

IPPE is one of the biggest global exhibitions of technology, equipment, supplies, and services used in the production and processing of animal protein and feed manufacturing. The expo will also host the 2023 Latin American Poultry Summit, whose theme is "Joining forces in building an integrated world of poultry." Brazilian exhibitors are therefore aiming to provide solutions for the quality of life of farmers, as well as helping to boost productivity, work performance, quality, and safety.

With a notable presence in the Brazilian market, Farenzena, Fornari, High Tech, Ibraflex, Lenke, Plasmetal, Tecmaes, Torfresma, Usitec, and Vantec will jointly be exhibiting machinery and product launches at the Brazil Pavilion, sponsored by the BMS Program.

"Since it is a global event, showcasing machines developed with cutting-edge technology per market demands will help strengthen our image in the North American and Latin American markets, as well as highlighting the quality and competitiveness of Brazilian businesses," says Patrícia Gomes, director - Foreign Market, ABIMAQ.

Issues currently under discussion in the sector include food safety, production costs and efficiency, continual increases in productivity, sustainability, and higher consumption. To help businesses in this industry, Brazilian manufacturers will be at IPPE showcasing modular conveyor belts, forklifts, laminators, products for slaughterhouses, automation tools for boxing processes, palletizers, industrial robots, equipment for closing, coding and labeling packages, mechanical deboning machines, grinders, equipment for recycling and the production of mash feed, as well as other solutions and trends focused on quality, technology, innovation, biosafety, low maintenance, and high productivity.

North American Market

Patrícia highlights the strategic importance of the USA since "it is the second largest consumer of animal protein in the world, which opens up a wide range of opportunities for Brazil to do business with the local industry."

In 2022, imported Brazilian machinery and equipment for animal protein totaled around 114.5 million dollars, up 316% in the last five years, accounting for 12% of Brazil's exports in this sector, which totals 963.8 million dollars.

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