CHUK expands its online presence in association with Zomato’s Hyperpure platform

CHUK will help Zomato Hyperpure’s partner restaurants to move away from plastic containers and adopt alternative, sustainable delivery and dine in options
CHUK expands its online presence in association with Zomato’s Hyperpure platform
Photo - CHUK

India’s leading compostable tableware brand, CHUK, has announced its association with Hyperpure, Zomato’s marketplace that provides fresh, hygienic, high-quality food ingredients and food packaging supplies to restaurants. CHUK’s compostable delivery and dine in range will now be available on Hyperpure, helping brands to switch to safer alternatives in food service packaging. CHUK’s high quality products for the delivery and dine in segment will allow sustainability-focused restaurants to adopt eco-friendly practices and considerably reduce their carbon footprint.

The development is a part of CHUK’s ongoing strategic expansion plan through which it aims to maximize the use of its delivery & dine in solutions across the country. The brand is ramping up on sales channels, partnering with several quick commerce companies to bolster its footprint across the country. With Hyperpure, a platform that is highly popular among restaurants as a destination for fresh, quality, and safe consumables, CHUK will solidify its position as a leading safe alternative in food service packaging while reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.

Commenting on the announcement, Satish Chamyvelumani, business head, CHUK, said, “With Hyperpure, Zomato is creating a platform that connects restaurants with suppliers for consistent access to fresh, high-quality produce. Completing deliveries using eco-friendly packaging that does not harm the environment is also a crucial tenet adopted by Hyperpure. This is exactly where CHUK enters the picture. With our exceptional, compostable ecoware solutions, we will make sure restaurants have greater access to such environment-friendly solutions. By joining forces, CHUK and Hyperpure will make huge strides in phasing out plastic containers from the delivery segment and usher in an era of safe, spill-free, bio-degradable packaging.”

As a household name, Zomato will catapult CHUK’s brand awareness and provide a significant push to the number of restaurants embracing the brand’s sustainable, compostable food delivery solutions. With this, CHUK will witness accelerated, mainstream growth, ultimately contributing to the ongoing and fast-growing crusade against single-use plastics. The products are currently live only in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad.

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