Hi-Tech offers print finishing, short-run digital label and packaging solutions

Quick, efficient and compact
Hi-Tech offers print finishing, short-run digital label and packaging solutions
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Hi-Tech Systems PFE specializes in Digital Short Run Solutions for Label Printing and Packaging printing as well as Print Finishing Equipment. These solutions help our customers achieve a higher return on Investment. Coming from years of experience, the brand believes to be one of the pioneers in the industry with over 2700 plus successful installations, 1,700 plus customers, and receiving over 50% plus repeat orders.

The brand offers complete transparency in its quality and offers round-the-clock after-sale services. Importing from over ten countries currently, the ideation behind conceptualizing the brand is to give a complete finished solution to the customer to provide better insight on investments. Elaborating in detail, Parag Shah, director, Hi-Tech Systems PFE, shares that Hi-Tech will come up with a solution where they can print out almost eight to ten thousand sheets per hour and finish the same to deliver quickly.

Hi-Tech Systems PFE participated at the recently concluded Drink Technology event in Mumbai from 7-9 December, to showcase their products and cater to the needs of the industry.

OKI 9542 Pro
OKI 9542 ProPhoto - Hi-Tech

The Covid boon

With the pandemic taking over the world and creating disruptions all around the globe, Parag Shah saw this as an opportunity. With everything moving online, he soon realized that the only thing making it across every segment was labels and packaging. Hence, made the unconventional shift and imported solutions, flown all the way from Japan. One of which allows the customer to print one pouch or one label (available in five colors and simple to use). “I am glad we’ve decided to exhibit in food exhibitions now as there is a greater demand from the end customer. The main aim is to get the word out, which can only be done through branding. Therefore, I believe we’ve come to the right place, as now we can educate all the SMEs, MSMEs, and solopreneurs about the influence of branding. From homegrown brands such as pickles and sauces to international goods, the money comes from adding value,” Shah explains.

oKI 1050
oKI 1050Photo - Hi-Tech

Double up

The future for Hi-Tech is to double up. Shah adds, “The pace at which MSMs and MSMEs are growing in India, we plan to increase ourselves in each aspect to help and assist more customers. We are already present across India and look forward to expanding overseas as well, with more customers."

According to the company, 50% of business for Hitech is repeat business due to excellent after-sales service. Hi-tech have a sample centre in the temperament of Mumbai print hub – Lower Parel. Hitech specializes in Print Finishing Equipment and Print Enhancement solutions. These solutions helps our customer achieve higher return on Investment. Solutions are easy to use, space saving as well as low on maintenance. Hitech operates from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin and has partners across India to worldwide.

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