Bira 91 launches ‘Grizly’ Hard Seltzer Ale

‘Grizly Hard Seltzer Ale’, is inspired by the best cocktails in three flavors - Pineapple & Okinawa, Peach & Black Tea, and Blueberry & Rosemary
Bira 91 launches ‘Grizly’ Hard Seltzer Ale
Photo - Bira 91

Kickstarting the new year on a flavorful note, Bira 91, one of the world’s fastest-growing premium beer companies, announced its foray into the Hard Seltzers category with the launch of the ‘Grizly’ Hard Seltzer Ale. The launch comes shortly after the introduction of ‘Hill Station’ Hard Cider Ale and is part of the brand’s ambition to move beyond beers to cater to the evolving preferences of young consumers.

As young adults become increasingly health-conscious, they are on the lookout for ‘better for you’ beverage options that allow them to indulge in their favorite flavors. This trend towards healthier living has created a massive growth opportunity for the Seltzer category. With the lines between different types of beverages also blurring, Bira 91’s ‘Grizly’ Hard Seltzer Ale brings consumers the best of bespoke cocktails, wine, and beer – in one single can. Offering an all-natural, low-sugar option that is tailor-made for mindful consumers, this unique blend is crafted by master mixologists, who have taken inspiration from classic cocktails to deliver an unparalleled drinking experience.

Grizly Hard Seltzer Ales are all-natural, low sugar, drinks that infuse the finest herbs and fruits that nature has an offer with alcohol. Available in three flavors, these seltzers have been masterfully twisted by expert mixologists and are highly sessionable. Grizly is available in three flavors - Pineapple & Okinawa, Peach & Black Tea, and Blueberry & Rosemary.

Peach & Black Tea 4.5% ABV | 120 calories

So, we took the lushest and ripest peaches that nature had to give, and then we steeped them in delicately brewed black tea. A little sweet, a bit sour, and with a hint of musky tea flavors, this twisted take on the peach iced tea will surely lilt you into breezy summery feels.

Photo - Bira 91

Blueberry + Rosemary 4.5% ABV | 120 calories

This is our remix of popular summer flavors; we blended luscious crisp blueberries and fresh rosemary, upped with a touch of sweetness and a dash of alcohol, all subtly balanced. One sip will leave your palate soaking in a pool of sweet-yet-tart, earthy goodness.

Photo - Bira 91

Pineapple + Okinawa Sugar 7.5% ABV | 180 calories

Our bear went foraging for honey and returned home with Okinawa sugar – a unique caramelized sugar from 17th-century Japan. We blended this exotic ingredient with the juicy flavors of ripe pineapple, and magic happened – a boozy cocktail of tropical goodness layered with rich caramel notes, nothing like you have tried before.

Photo - Bira 91

Commenting on the launch, Ankur Jain, chief executive officer, Bira 91, said, “After the successful launch of Hill Station Hard Cider Ales, we are excited to introduce Grizly Hard Seltzer Ale, a category of Hard Seltzer ale, under the ‘House of Bira 91’. Consumers are exploring beyond traditional beverage categories more than ever before. Consumers are also looking to explore new flavors and get creative with their beverage choices, and young adults want beverages that are low in alcohol and calories. With Grizly, we hope to plug the gap in the market for beverages that are low in alcohol, healthier and delicious.”

Sharing her experience in helping Bira 91 create the ‘Grizly’ Hard Seltzer Ale, Minakshi Singh, co-founder, Sidecar, said, “Working with Bira 91 was an incredible experience. We got our best mixologists on board to be creative and experiment with the best flavors to create, Grizly Hard Seltzer Ale, a drink that is perfect for today’s generation of consumers looking for healthier and more flavorful options. Grizly is inspired by the best cocktails across the globe and we cannot wait for everyone to try it."

Grizly Hard Seltzers will be available in 330ml pints and 500ml cans across Bengaluru, starting INR 170 for Peach & Black Tea and Blueberry + Rosemary and INR 180 for Pineapple + Okinawa Sugar.

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